My Biggest Dream …

Dream Chaser.

A term that was often used in my house growing up.  Chasing your dreams was not a something my siblings and I thought of doing. No.  It was something we did.  Growing up with parents who were both involved with Amway outside of their day jobs in one day hoping to own their own business- or at least have a new revenue stream from selling Amway products to their peers. Whether they considered themselves successful or not was beyond me (I was a very young little lad), but what their kids have picked up along their parents journey through Amway may prove to be more valuable than any amount of money that selling Amway products could provide.

Amway used this term Dream Chaser to get their followers, customers, and sales peoples FIRED UP!  Attending these events when I was a child was overwhelming to say the least.  I can remember the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida (the arena where the Orlando Magic NBA team plays) being packed full of thousands upon thousand of Amway distributors, customers, and leaders, just listening to people speak about their success stories.  While the events were completely over my head, I did pick up vital information about one important skill.  Especially in the area where my dreams are pushing me.

Sorry to be blunt, but I love music.  I love business.  I love entertaining.  But more importantly, I LOVE meeting and hanging out with people.  It was honestly one of the greatest days of my life when I figured out what I want to do.  While being an artists, performing in bands, composing, playing live shows, recording, and playing.listening to music is fun… It also needs a “business” behind the music.  Here is where I come in… or at least, dream of coming in.

Portland has a lush music scene.  It could perhaps be one of the most versatile music scenes in all of the country… but not too many people know this.  Portland has also, a lush website creation/development industry, a lush technology sector, and a lush graphic design and artistic design industry.  (I’m jumping around, but I promise I will tie it all in)  Nashville is a lush country music haven.  How was Nashville started?  How did Nashville become such a huge hub for country music?  Essentially, Nashville started with karaoke bars and other forms of live entertainment for people out on their way in the late 1800s.  From then on, in came the music men finding talent and taking talent to the next level.  Now we see Nashville as the country music capital of the world.

So what do I want to do?  I want to give Portland bands, musicians, fans, and my fellow Portlanders something for them to follow and love about Portland.

Rose City Studios is my business I am working on creating.  What is it?  It is a website- a music management connection, a marketing connection for bands, artists, composers, musicians, venues, and anyone wanting to see what’s happening with Portland music.  Maybe one day it is a bar?  Maybe one day it is a record label?  Maybe one day it becomes something I haven’t even thought of?!

But for now, what RCS does- is connect people in the Portland area with what is happening with their music scene.  People will be able to see interviews with touring acts like Tim McGraw or whomever else comes to town.  Thy will also be able to see what types of bands are playing at what venues in portland on a daily basis.  A magazine – Roce City Monthly (or something) will be sent out to subscribers which showcases the acts which came to town recently, along with which bands are making it big in town and which venues have which specials going on what night.  It’s incredible really what could come of Rose City Studios… I’ve began some work (but the website is far from done), check it out at


Simple Technology

After doing much research on Valerie Thomas and her work with the illusion transmitter, I started wondering about other technologies that have grown or matured into everyday use.  What Valerie did was create the Illusion Transmitter which has matured into 3d technology which we now are now utilizing in our televisions.  I decided to look a little further online and see what other technologies might qualify for this category (maybe even find some gender related ones as well).  Or at least, those that may change the world that were intended for something entirely different.

space shuttle 3The very first technology is used for breast cancer screening.  After reading online about NASA’s different technologies that we may use everyday, I found this gem.  The chip and screening used was originally used for the Hubble space telescope to render images.  Since the rays aren’t very damaging and not very expensive to replicate, this has transitioned into the medical field where many women can get screened for a much less cost.

Another NASA technology used for medical purposes and even sports performance purposes is Electrolyte Concentrates. This was originally manufactured for the deficiency that astronauts may experience in space on their missions.  These concentrates would allow their nutrients to be replenished very fast to allow their body to perform its necessary functions in space with all the dehydrated food and such they would be eating.  This has transition into medical fields where  they use IVs on patients experiencing high dehydration or another sickness that may hinder their nutrient intake.  Also, through sports and overall bodily day-to-day health.  now you can buy electrolyte concentrated sports drinks, powders, and other packages that are full of electrolytes to prevent dehydration and nutrient deficiency.

Memory Foam is used in beds pillows and many other devices for human comfort.  This was also another technology that NASA developed for astronauts out in space that we now use everyday.  This is also transitioning into the medical field and the physical development/therapy sector as well.  Prosthetic hips, legs, and other parts now contain this memory foam to essentially replicate the feeling of cartilage or joints.

The blogging process

Well, what more can I say?  I’m not very good at this whole blogging thing.  but hey, it’s my first time really so I can’t blame myself.  I’m really struggling to figure out what the definitions of things such as “widgets” or more so what they actually do.  It is interesting how much “code” or behind the scenes work you have to do just to create a simple website such as this.

It kind of makes me interested in the coding process of creating websites.  Just viewing this post in HTML view is interesting to see the differnt brackets that are created when you do something like thisIt seems so simple for users of Microsoft Word or Apple Pages (any word editor), but for coding you must create what is called elements, I am learning.  In the code (the HTML5), you write brackets like <i> then you write your word similar to this <i> Italic Text </i> and it will appear Italic Text on a website.  However, it will appear with the brackets in a normal text editor.

It all is so simple, yet seems so complicated.  Granted, I am just scratching the surface and I’m sure that once you get the hang of it the code becomes second nature like a musician reading music (I assume).

I can definitely see though how some people can make very lucrative careers out of blogging.  It is interesting how blogging is such a simple idea (write about a subject consistently and post it to the world wide web) yet so effective for business and other purposes.