The blogging process

Well, what more can I say?  I’m not very good at this whole blogging thing.  but hey, it’s my first time really so I can’t blame myself.  I’m really struggling to figure out what the definitions of things such as “widgets” or more so what they actually do.  It is interesting how much “code” or behind the scenes work you have to do just to create a simple website such as this.

It kind of makes me interested in the coding process of creating websites.  Just viewing this post in HTML view is interesting to see the differnt brackets that are created when you do something like thisIt seems so simple for users of Microsoft Word or Apple Pages (any word editor), but for coding you must create what is called elements, I am learning.  In the code (the HTML5), you write brackets like <i> then you write your word similar to this <i> Italic Text </i> and it will appear Italic Text on a website.  However, it will appear with the brackets in a normal text editor.

It all is so simple, yet seems so complicated.  Granted, I am just scratching the surface and I’m sure that once you get the hang of it the code becomes second nature like a musician reading music (I assume).

I can definitely see though how some people can make very lucrative careers out of blogging.  It is interesting how blogging is such a simple idea (write about a subject consistently and post it to the world wide web) yet so effective for business and other purposes.



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