Sound Engineering- Digitalizing Audio

Sound Engineering and Digitalizing Audio 101

This is just A sample Lesson Plan for Teaching Sound Engineering and Digital Recording (trying to think of some cool ideas for the project side of how I could suite this lesson for someone who barely knows anything about music, or computers for that matter).

These lessons are meant to assist people who are wanting to learn to :
– Learn the recording process
– Record a song on their own
– Record an instrument on their own
– Compose or Edit a song (without any instruments at all)
– Publish your song on a disk or the web

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1:  Music Overview- Recording/Producing Overview- Why Digitalize Audio?

Lesson 2:  What You Need
2.1- Hardware
2.2- Software
2.3- Instruments
2.4- What the Pro’s use

Lesson 3: Getting Started in Digitalizing Sound
3.1- Connections
3.2- Multi-tracking Interface
3.3- Now What Do I Do With All This Stuff!?
3.4- Do I need instruments to be able to record/compose/edit?
3.5- Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Lesson 4: Mixing, Mastering, Puzzling, Plastering
4.1- Editing Steps and Tips
4.2- What is Mixing and Mastering?
4.3- How do I make my song sound clean?

Lesson 5: Publishing and Finalization


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