Setting up an RSS Feed with Firefox – MacBook Pro (or any Apple OSx!)

Setting up an RSS Feed using Firefox on a MacBook Pro (Works with all Apple OSx’s)

This is actually one of the easiest, most useful things I have recently done for my computer.  I spend a LOT of time on my personal computer (my macbook pro) as well as my work computer (which is an iMac).  I Prefer to use the internet browser Firefox versus Safari for a very simple, but very important reason.  Firefox allows you to store passwords, user names, and such very easily- Safari does as well.  Firefox, however will allow you to just click on the field (say username field for example) and it will enter your username in automatically for that site.  It remembers the address and username/password associated with it.  You would never want this if you were constantly sharing your computers with others or if it was public in any way, but both of my computers rarely are out of arms reach from me.  Unless it is the weekend and I am away from work.. On my laptop.

To set up the RSS feed for my class mates sites (shown below) I followed these simple steps.

Step 1:  Go to the Bookmarks Menu (at the top of the screen) and select Create New Folder.
***I named this Folder WS 320- so things were easy to find, but you can name it whatever you want to categorize your RSS feeds and web pages as.  I also have some set up for Sports blogs, recipes, etc.

Step 2:  Open up the website in a new tab.

Step 3:  Select from the Bookmarks Menu -> Subscribe to RSS Feed.

Step 4:  Once you select the Subscribe to button you will be prompted to pick a folder/location to save the RSS feed to.  Just select the folder you created in step 1.  Now all of your saved RSS feeds will appear in the location below!  For easier and faster access to information!

A screen shot of my RSS feed in Firefox
Screen shot from my MacBook Pro using Firefox Internet Explorer.  If you notice all the different bookmarks and widgets I have set up, you will notice that I use Firefox primarily.

I found this tool extremely useful for this class especially.  It made it SO much easier just to have the ability to quickly go and check other students blogs as well as find information very quickly.  I found it very helpful also just for my personal pleasures of reading magazines and news stories.  If you notice, I also have an RSS feed set up right next to the WS320 folder that is for the “Latest Headlines”.  After I utilized this tool for the first time, I quickly became aware of its capabilities and how it could just help me be more efficient in my non-productive tasks.  Efficiency is key!  Love it!


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