What’s up everybody?!?

My name is Joseph Michael Morelli. You can call me Michael or Mo– whichever you prefer. I played Rugby at Oregon State University for 4 years and in my last 2 was on the West Coast Premier team representing OSU! Rugby was fun, but too many concussions made my career a lot shorter than I feel it should have been- a comment almost every washed up athlete will probably make. I’m a Marketing major with a minor in Entrepreneurship from OSU. I’ve been employed in the Software/Photography industry for a few years, but my true passion lies with music.

It is my hope one day to start a business in Portland that is focused on the lush music scene that Portland has to offer. Whether it be up and coming local bands or touring acts- If it has to do with Music in Portland, then I want to be a part of it and be able to share it with my fellow Portlanders!

Throughout my life I’ve lived in Philly, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, (almost Virginia), and now Oregon! I miss living by the beach in NC and I miss Philly Cheese Steaks (the real ones).

I love all types of music (except for Justin Bieber), photography, and books, and only will watch TV to watch sports (or sportscenter, duh).


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