The budgeting and forecasting experience is one that every business major must go through in his or her journey on the path of business enlightenment.  For Rose City Studios, and really for almost every start-up company it is virtually impossible to forecast your sales for something that has never been done!  Think about it… Did the creators of Silly Bandz think that they were going to make $100 million in sales annually in their first 2 years of business!?  Honestly, this is actual truth cited from Forbes magazine.  The idea is silly… no pun intended whatsoever.  The product is a thin like rubberish band that is in the shape of an animal, sea-star, tree, etc.  And people love it, kids love it, actors and actresses have been spotted with them- hence their success.  I guarantee they never forecasted $100 million in sales for Silly Bandz…

There are many software packages available like Forecast Pro for forecasting quarterly sales for established business.  For a venture like RCS to utilize this software we would essentially just be using fictional numbers just estimated from looking at demographics.  Luckily, Oregon State has given every business major the opportunity to utilize Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets and to use various forecasting processes.  The budgets created in the previous pages were made from templates via Microsoft Excel and Apple’s Pages application.  Most businesses utilize preset templates in Apple’s PAges or Microsoft’s Excel to forecast and balance their account or project budgets.  These applications are utilized for expense reports for traveling, creating invoices for customers, and ultimately helping your business become more efficient and succeed.  It is only right that these templates were used to create a forecast budget (especially since this business will basically be created out of my garage).

Here is a view of what the full Balance Sheet for the business would look like:

A balance sheet for Rose City Studios through Apple's Pages

The above template and workspace are used to show the simplicity and efficiency that these software applications have (and come standard with) that allow businesses to succeed with modern technology.  With the creation of the iPad and the ease of integration between Apple products, once I create this balance sheet or expense report on my computer, I can then instantly access it on my iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device I find in my collection that is on my cloud.  Another new technology that Apple has released to allow better business and personal efficiency with modern technology.  I don’t want to sound like an Apple salesman, but I am a firm believer in utilizing modern technology to better one’s lifestyle.

It is funny


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