Similar to Rose City Studios


Booking smaller bands nationally at their local venues!  It’s a great group of guys who run the business, based out of Tualatin, OR.  Basically, Afton helps smaller bands (who can’t afford to book a venue for a show) by booking the entire venue for the night and creating a “line up” of bands in the area for that night.  They cover the investment, and you get the people to the show!  Obviously, if you can’t get people to the show, then they will not want to work with you as often as you probably will want to work with them.  This is just a harsh reality of the Music industry in general, mainly because everyone is trying to get to the top in their own special way.  Similar to what Rose City Studios is going to be doing, but we won’t focus on the bookings.  RCS will focus on the ad promotion of local venues to local customers and local bands to local listeners.  Maybe Afton and RCS can work together one day!

All Access Magazine/ Rock Music Magazine

This company is more of an E-zine and online national music promotion, review, and rating website.  It actually looks very similar to what the plan for Rose City Studio’s website will one day look like.  The intriguing thing about their business is that it is majority E-zine.  Something RCS will definitely dive into eventually.  This is basically just a magazine that you download directly to your device.  Whether it be iPad, iPhone, Droid, Kindle, or just a computer web browser, the entire magazine can be viewed in PDF form (or flash form if you choose to make it this way).  This will vastly show how user experience on the website is key to the success of the business.  What I think they could change?  Or why I think Rose City Studios will work better?  Localization.  This company runs on a national level.  Very tough to build personal relationships or cater to smaller bands.  Or really local bands for that matter.  The reason RCS will be successful is because of localization and building personal relationships with businesses and customers in Portland.



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