The Recording Report

The Recording Report

For this portion of the project:

– I utilized my knowledge of using FL studio, music, and computers to portray something that I think is very simple yet very amazing technology.  The fact that you can literally generate or replicate the sound of every note on any interment directly in the software is something that excites me.  It makes me think of how incredible this is and how incredible it could be down the road, when technology has surpassed what we thought was fathomable.

   – One thing I utilized more than I thought I would for this project was the screen shot ability on the macintosh platform.  It was really simple, shift – command – 4.  I created a lot of the screen shots in Windows Vista as well (of the studio interface).  It is actually different, but virtually the same.  I just select FN – INSERT.  And I am given a crosshair to capture a screen shot just like on MAC.  Thank you Microsoft for making this easy at least.  (I’m an Apple fanatic).

    -Also, I learned a lot more than I thought I previously knew about saving files for Audio.  I actually had NO idea there was a CDA file format until doing this report.  Essentially, the file format is just a .wav file optimized for audio.  Simple, but I didn’t know!

    -The biggest challenge I had in this portion of the project was actually figuring out how to convey something so complex in a Readers Digest learning unit.  Music is a very complex art and business and can;t just be done one day.  It takes a ton of learning (like mathematics as you have figured out), but allows you to utilize your inner imagination and creativity. This is why I love Music, but this is also why it was hard to convey this to an audience who I had to assume knew nothing about music or audio production.

    – This whole experience of using WordPress to blog and create a website has actually been thrilling for me!  Especially being someone highly interested in e-commerce and in creating his own website or web venture one day.  Actually I found it incredible that WordPress has all of these capabilities.


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